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A big dog chased and bit two young children.

On October 16, a young child in Chengdu, Sichuan was bitten by a vicious dog and was seriously injured, sparking public opinion. On October 17, another netizen broke the news in Leshan, Sichuan: Recently, a large, unleashed dog chased and bit two young children on the street.

According to the video posted by the netizen, two adults and two children passed by the gate of a community. As the children jumped away, an without dog leash and harness dog suddenly jumped out and pounced on the children.

The adult tried to intimidate and kept dodging while holding the child. The dog was suspected of biting the child’s leg and never let go. Later, other passers-by came forward to help, and property management personnel also came with shovels to drive the dog away. The dog circled around and rushed back into the crowd of people standing at the gate of the community, but was driven away again by the property management.



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